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辽宁十一选五彩票平台:Fund company employees do this kind of financial management

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内容摘要: As an employee offund company , is it a relatively high financial return for financial markets and fund products every day? In fact, this d...

As an employee of fund company , is it a relatively high financial return for financial markets and fund products every day? In fact, this depends on everyone's risk tolerance and investment options. However, people in the industry who are asset management professions are indeed different from those in other industries in terms of lifestyle and financial management mentality.

First of all, the body has less cash, and the money is mostly in the currency fund . Very few colleagues around the author bring cash. The bank's current account amount is not very high. The bank's current accounts are not more than 20,000 yuan, mainly in the money funds. Although not a guaranteed product, money funds are generally suitable for most people. According to statistics from the phase of investment, as of March 9, 2018, monetary fund average annualized return rate reached 4.04% in the most recent quarter, and the yield was significantly higher than the 0.3% of current deposits. If there is 100,000 yuan in cash, the money fund can earn about 4,040 yuan each year. Doing financial management must not underestimate the power of accumulating more and more. To develop such habits over a long period of time, you can help yourself “pay more” each year.

Next, choose the product that is suitable for your risk tolerance. For a young person who has little living expenses, he can invest mainly in medium and lower risk products. A small part can invest in higher-risk products, although it may face greater volatility risk, but because capital flow dynamic demand is not high, if you hold a long time, still able to withstand greater investment risks. From a psychological perspective, loss of $1 is stronger than making one dollar. Therefore, many people mistakenly estimate their risk tolerance.

With regard to the selection of fund products, I believe that products with excellent mid- to long-term performance are worth holding. The fund's short-term performance is affected by the market-style rotation. In the long-term, the market style is constantly changing, and only a handful of fund managers can grasp the transition rhythm for a long time. There are fund research institutional statistics found that the long-term performance of the funds sustained style performance is more probable. Therefore, in the medium and long-term outstanding fund, on the basis of continuous style, short-term performance can not keep up with market performance is acceptable.

Money management should help us to improve the quality of life. It is an investor's sideline business rather than its own business. A good financial concept is to accumulate capital through personal work and use investment to create wealth. Accumulated capital is achieved through personal professional competence, reflected in the pay for work, bonuses, and other work returns. Respect professional is the most basic sense of financial management. There are specializations in the medical industry. Therefore, the time-consuming and arduous tasks of studying the capital market and analyzing economic data are handed over to professional investment managers, reducing and reducing their pressure on investment and financing. It is the most sensible choice to let yourself be in a better life.

Not every employee in a fund company is a fund manager, but there is a relatively large amount of time spent on “financial business” and its financial concept is worth learning from. It should be remembered that financial management is not just for obtaining the best investment income, but for pursuing appropriate risks for reasonable returns, and embodying long-term value through time compounding.





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